July 16, 2002

HIV-Positive TV Muppet Worries U.S. Lawmakers
Mon Jul 15,12:43 AM ET

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Republican lawmakers are worried about plans to introduce an HIV ( news - web sites)-positive Muppet to the "Sesame Street" gang, Hollywood trade paper Daily Variety reported in its Monday edition.

is it time to take our heads out of the sand yet or is life here in nirvana really that warped that we cant see that this is now danger to our children and might actually teach them compassion and openness.

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July 15, 2002

our girls should be here mid august. wow now that it is real its scary. three more kids, none of them speaking english, from a different world/culture. i am excitied about going through all this with them. watching them become part of our family, watching them become who they are. thats probably the coolest thing about kids, watching them become who they are and helping them to do it. but alas many times i hinder it becuz of my own fear. but god has given me plenty of chances to try it with 11, kids for now, my wife toild me alst night at dinner that after each child, i have said no more. isny it funny the way life goes, never expected if you are open and willing.

we are off this week to my grandmother's memorial service in the upper pennisula of michigan, she was 97 whe she died and had a great life, pretty much did everything she wanted. the last time i talked with her at length she just kept telling me she was tired of living, husband long dead and most friends gone, i could not understand, what that must have been like to feel you were ready to go must have been amazing i wish i would have asked her more quesitons about it.


July 08, 2002

latest news on the adoption journey is a letter has been gotten from the ethipoian emabssy here to be sent to ethiopia so the people we are working with can get the license stuff worked out and our three new daughters can come here and begin their life as part of our family. we are getting three girls for sure, 8, 6 and 2 the two older ones are sisters, but speak different languages, that may help with them learning english as it would be a common language. we are alos trying to buy a new house, 3.25 acres and not enough romm but great potential, and a possible way to get stable financially. so so much happening and we are feeling a bit overwhelmed, yet i would not change any of it, it is amazing to be part of this ride.