May 16, 2005

when will we awake? it seems the church has been asleep for some thousand or two years. when constantine affirmed the faith of following Christ as an acceptable and inclusive institution it marked the beginning of a sleep that has lasted since. rip van winkle would be proud. we create worship gatherings that are technologically precise, entertaining and amazing, yet empty of passion and risk and power. its is as if we can not stand the quiet. as if it scares us to be alone with our God in a communal setting, are we scared something might actually happen? are we scared the Spirit may erupt in our controlled powerless lives. we settle for another warm blanket instead of throwing off our slumber for pain. you see for me it hurts to follow our God. it is suppose to, it is hard to give everything you have and are in service of others. it is hard to become invisible so another may live. yet it happens, it happens with a group of young people creating a place for love to happen, they create a forum for the Spirit to work in and through them. it happens in a family that God has grown and blessed in amazing ways. and i see and feel it each time my daughter hugs me. you see it is a miracle that she is with us, a gift from God given to us because we said yes to a request long ago born in our hearts. it is the grace to see the kingdom of a living GOD being lived out and fulfilled in small and passionate lives who have been given a chance to discover its miracle, and it is in that instant in that hug of small and powerful arms wrapped around me that i know my GOD is with me and that i can do anything aksed of me. so even with all my angst about how the church is sleeping it self into a coma God is there moving creating gracing those created with an image of glory housed within. let that glory shine.