July 26, 2005

ok so we are in delaware, lewes to be exact. we visited a church sunday and the first thing i noticed was the image of the american flag on the cover of the bulletin. the second thing was the american flag on display left of the stage. i wasn't sure if i should salute or kneel in reverence for that symbol or power and freedom. for me it is obscene to display any form of a national symbol in a place dedicated to the gathering of God's people. do we really have the right to display a flag of a nation that is flawed and evil, evil because it is run by people no other reason. maybe that sounds harsh but i serve God first and only, if my nation ask things of me that don't fit into a christian worldview then i am obligated to disobey. what is it with evangelicals and the flag. why do we display it in a place that is soley for worship of our living God. if you want a flag in the sanctuary for other meetings fine but please stop elevating a symbol made by people for people to equality with God. maybe you don't think that is what we are doing, but for me if the flag is on display while i sing out my love for God it isnt a stretch to start to think they are synomous, maybe thats why so many other places and people dont agree with our worldview, maybe if we just worshipped God in God's house we would start to see that we need to be more objective in how we look at our nation. maybe then we will stop thinking we have it all figured out and that this isn't the new jerusalem and see with clarity that the usa is just as flawed as any other nation and maybe more.


July 11, 2005

i truly enjoy david bazan's music, pedro the lion is raw and full of truth listen to him sometime, here are lyrics to a song called "the fleecing", on pedro's achilles heal cd

Deep green hills whose shoulders fade into thick grey
Tall wet grass whose flesh makes fools of grazing sheep
Whose fleecing makes a fool of me
Who shall i blame for this sweet and heavy trouble
For every stupid struggle i don’t know
I could buy you a drink
I could tell you all about it
I could tell you why i doubt it and why i still believe
I can’t say it like i sing it
I can’t sing it like i think it
I can’t think like i feel it
And i don’t feel a thing
...Why i still believe it
Why i need it
And what the pharisees can’t see
We’d have more drinks
And speak of so many things
But i don’t know you and you don’t know me


July 06, 2005

so its been over a month since my last post. we now are living in lewes delaware. job is great new rental house is good, big yard quiet street, no gun shots and sirens all night. we used to play this game in cincy around the fourth to see if the pop was a firecracker or a gun shot, gun shots were usually followed by sirens. anyway we still need to sell our house in cincy so if any one wants to live in a neighborhood that has great older homes and is up and coming let me know. sydney is taking the kids tothe beach here about every other day, the traffic gets bad on weekends, such is life in a resort town. overall its all going well, funny the twists and turns life takes.