March 30, 2004

watched a great movie this weekend, american splendor is the story of harvey pekar a file clerk/comic book writer, what a great story of life. of living with each other and loving each other and being able to be yourself, it is high on my top 10 list, maybe number 1 right now.


March 23, 2004

just spent a week on the beach in south carolina, warm sunny and laid back. started and/or finished 4 books, hung out with the kids and got a little sun burn. the books i finished gave me lots to think about and i will be processing it for awhile. emergence gave me the most to think about, creating bottom up/non hiearchal systems seem to be thriving in this age of chaos and the churches i see built around this model seem to be thriving too. yet it seems the emerging church is in love with creating plenty of top down systems. anyway enough ranting about that

watched 60 minutes sunday evening and the evening news last night and am starting to get really worried about the current administration and their unwavering effort to beat up other people and then when an ally murders a "terrorist" they dont speak out like most sane goverments do. and we wonder why the world grows in its hatred toward us, maybe our integrity is suspect on the world stage. i have already decided not to vote for bush cant/wont support his march to world dominance. yet kerry seems just as corrupt and nader the most sane candidate for me has no chance to win, so i will vote for nader or kerry not sure which one yet, just so bush is out.

another thing that is bothering me is th flap over gay marriage. why do so many christians blame gay marriage for the decline on marriage, its us, christians divorce faster or as fast as any other group in the country, we give the world no example of fidelity and commitment and yet we blame others for flaws we will not face, maybe if we looked inside ourselves we would see maybe thay our selfishness and self service is the real reason things like marriage are failing, it is much easieer to blame another our history is full of examples.


March 08, 2004

i have been reading a great book, emergence the connected lives of ants, brains, cities and software by stephen johnson. anyway lots of discussion about bottom-up, non organized structures like slime mold and ants, cities etc. found a link in the book to a surf engine check it out. also the book is very good with some insight into why things work the way they do etc, could be some valuable stuff for creating faith communites.


March 06, 2004

had two great times with friends yesterday, one new one a little older, both like me am tired of all the rhetoric about emerging crap. i am getting tired of talking and no body doing a damn thing. its as if we need to hear ourselves before we can hear God. i feel God working in me and on me, changing/preparing/moulding.

so much happening, just holding on at times and trying to enjoy the ride. it amazes me that God has allowed me to be the parent to 13 children and i can be such a jerk, spent the morning yelling at most of them for no reason and my wife also. did you ever wonder how you could be so stupid/selfish/mean to those whom you love. i have amazing children and i pray i can stay out of the way enough as to not damage them too much.

my 19 year old is wise beyond anything i could have imagined and then the next minute a complete moron, i guess thats just a young person figuring out who they are, whats my excuse? i just want to be a part of anything that seeks to love others in ways that give away ourselves so others can flourish, be invisible in a sense so God can do his thing inside and maybe use me to help. God i just want to say thank you for my life and what you have helped me to see and do, i love where i am right now.


March 03, 2004

so i interviwed for a position at the church i attend to work with young adults and singles, one more thing that is brewing. it seems amny things are working at the same time, campus ministry, josiahs window, this position. i am trying to stay open to go where it seems the spirit is leading. trying to stay out of the way until it becomes clear, if it ever will. i am suppose to hear something from the church i think the interview went well so whos knows, what are you up to God?


March 01, 2004

create your own personalized map of the USA
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i have been to all these states, the red ones that is, aren't you impressed.