July 29, 2004

had a great talk with a friend this am.  we talked about the reformation and the need to protest what is/was.  i am wondering what was so good about the reformation, the history of the church since has been filled with self preservation and arrogance and yeah some great things too.  but it seems the reformation unleashed a need to be different.  look at the number of denominations and other groups who arent but are in reality.  what if luther and his crew reformed the catholic church instead of throwing it off?  and are we really in a new reformation, i pray not.  to just jettison what has come before just because it was screwed up seems counter to the message of the gospel.  should we be able to create space for divergent ideas within an overarching theme and still get along?  maybe not.  maybe the kingom of God is something we will never see here.


July 22, 2004

ok i saw an ad that president bush said he approved, it was very negative and so i started thinking about him being a follower of Jesus like me.  and i also thought of the verse in ephesians 4:29 ("Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.")  about only saying and doing things that build each other up.  so is it ok for president bush to put aside that idea because he is in a "secular" context, so much for his witness of loving your enemy and living a life contrary to the status quo.  why is ti ok for anyone who claims allegiance to the triune GOD to speak in a bad way about anyone else.  i had a friend tell me its just one campaign informing us about the truth.  remember pilate's words to Jesus, "what is truth"  i am not trying to disparage President Bush but if he is going to claim the name of Jesus then shouldn't he be living by all his ways not jsut those that are advantageous to the present situation.  wouldn't be refreshing for a politician to be positive and not bash their opponent and just state what they had done and that they just think they can do the job the best.  aren't we called to live apart from the status quo no matter our job or location?


watched the news reports last night about some of the hijackers on 9-11 getting through security at the airport.  it made me wonder why we are so surpirsed they got through.  is it because they are of middle eastern decent and that they would have been suspect today, maybe mass acceptance of racial profiling is at work.  have we become so scared that we see each other depending on our skin color as dangerous or not.  to me that is more scary than any terrorist act.  we cant let our fear overcome our need to see each other as equals.  each of us is capable of horrible acts and also wonderful unselfish acts, lets keep our focus on the unselfish ones, we cant stop people from doing evil but maybe if we love each other some things may start to change.


July 14, 2004

quinn is home. came home late sunday night, the tests that were done showed no reason for her crashing friday. she is doing well, eating smiling growing, thanks for the prayers


July 10, 2004

friends please pray for quinn she is in the hospital after two days of sleeping and not eating, docs are testing everything spinal tap, blood etc no answers yet, she has not improved for two days so pray for her please.


July 06, 2004

so, we are one week into being parents fo 13. things are going well but busy. sydney and quinn are doing great and everyone else is fawning over quinn. she doesnt get put down much, with 14 people wanting to hold her i am sure she will be spoiled.

my two oldest boys went to see F 9/11 this weekend, all they said was "bush got owned" anyway i probably wont get to see it until it comes out on dvd. heard a great discussion on the diane ream show today about the movie, both a liberal and conservative voice, both talked about the movie not being diligent with the facts.

and now kerry picked edwards for vp i think its a great choice, edwards seems to be together, but only history will tell

also church sunday was simply offensive. images of war machines, flags, video of ronald reagan espousing christian views, the pledge of allegaince in song, the star bangled banner, and oh yeah a few things about God. how have we forgotten who are real leader is. how can we worship a nation when we gather to worship God. it made me remember the story of israel and their desire to have a king. i think the king spoken of in that verse is God, and we like israel have forgotten who are king is. its not bush or kerry or war of power or money or stuff or big house and five cars, its God.