October 23, 2002

i am finding i need to be very dicsiplined to keep up on this blog stuff, reading others and writing my own, obviously i have not been very diligent lately. we have so much going on right now its hard to get done with anything. still waiting to hear from a church in mass, still waiting for the girls and not hearing much from ethiopia about them, sydney's dad has surgery for cancer next week, she also ran a marathon sunday and got a 4:18, pretty awesome as far as i am concerned, i sure could never run like that. i feel like we have been a limbo for a months if not years, seminary, with no clear direction where i am to go with it. this church in mass sounds wonderful and i would love to be there but we will see. money has been thin lately and that adds more stress to the mix, and work is slowing down, not a good thing long term but it is helping me have more time to do other things that need to be done, like submitting a book proposal to several publishers. so such is my life at present, chaos but wonderful and full and totally relying on the Lord for strength, or at least im trying to do that, its so easy to be patient.


October 07, 2002

did anyone watch 60 minutes last night? jerry falwell, kay arthur and that other guy scared me. my 17 year old son looked at me and said "we really think we are something, dont we". he meant christians. i got a real sense of arrogance and contmept from the comments made by the people from the christian camp. i also got a sense that israel is a truly sa country that will do anything to keep its agenda healthy, even take money from people who espouse the ultimate destruction of their nation and religion. theology and power makes strange bed fellows, i wonder what God thinks of all our foolishness. and if falwell thinks being a violent person is the qualification to be a terroists, i guess we are all condemned as one. i wonder if the conservative christian world thinks their need to be right paints a picuture of God that is one of a violent bigot only loving those chosen few who "understand" anyway enuf of that.

it looks like the girls will be coming end of october beginning of november. keep praying


October 01, 2002

sustained chaos, thats what my life has been recently. just got back from a whirlwind tour of vermont and mass. visited burlington vt, very beautiful country but cant say that burlington did much for me. it rained all day friday which ruined our plans to visit many places. saturday spent a wonderful time with a group from first baptist in amherst mass, they are interviewing for an associate pastor position. it went great. the only answer i would change is when they ask me my perfect ministry situation i should have said this one, becuz it is from what i can see. anyway no we play the waiting game for about amonth to see if i get to come back.

also we got to meet the women who is in charge of the adoption program in ethiopia, and also meet another family who has adopted from ethiopia, about 20 of us in a small hotel room for 2 hours was a real trip, but jayne was on her way to africa when we meet her so hopefully everything will go as planned this time and the girls will be here soon. :)