October 28, 2004

been thinking about the analogy or water or fluidity and our current reality. keep thinking about the movie water world starring kevin costner, who is a mutant adapted to survive in a new world covered with water. at times i think i am a mutant adapted to survive in this new chaos. i remember hearing someone talk about having a place to land, but what if there is no place what if everything is fluid constantly changing and morphing into new things/ways. could this be the world we find ourselves in, water world.

had my support team meet tuesday and we were trained by the ohio asst executive minister as to what a support team is to do. so many of the assumptions and ideas just seemed out of touch or flawed. it all seemed based on a reality that was logical and static not fluid and chaotic, is it just me or are there profound flaws so ingrained into the church that it cant even see them and if you challenge them you are seen as dangerous. yet, i feel God has called me to challenge them no matter how frustrating it may be. i have to say i have had good support from people within the denomination that is supporting in part josiahs window so maybe there is hope to begin to transform some things and get back to the mission God put us on centuries ago, mutants unite.


October 16, 2004

Churches Installing Cell Phone Jammers

"There are still many people who don't understand that being at Mass is sharing a moment with God," said the Rev. Juan Jose Martinez, a spokesman for archdiocese. "Sadly, we had no other choice but to use these little gadgets."

whats next sin jammers so the congregation will be sinless while they share their moment with God. maybe the problem is not with the people's perception but with the church's


October 11, 2004

i watched the last 45 minutes of the debates friday and then fahrenheit 9/11 saturday night. what i came away with was an image of president bush as an arrogant judgemental person. then it hit me he is an evangelical christian. is that the way most evangelical christians act, in my experience i would have to say yes. the rhetoric about gay marriage, the attitude that we are the righteous ones God has chosen to judge the world. and we wonder why the world is turning its back on the church and why the world hates the USA. the world doesn't hate our freedom it hates our arrogance. our attitude that we know best, and that we have the might to force that attitude upon the world. maybe the people who are trying to think up new ways to kill us need to be loved the way Jesus loved us. maybe we should be in prayer for them 24/7, not that they be destroyed but that they be transformed. but maybe even better would be if we prayed for our own transformation from a culture that values stuff and being right and violence to a culture that values loving others and giving ourselves away to serve others. maybe then the ones trying to hurt us would see Christ in us and then not have a word to say against us.