June 30, 2004

here are some pictures of our new daughter


June 29, 2004

she has arrived. quinn heather wallis was born at 2:10pm 7lbs 12oz 19.5" long both mom and baby are doing great, will have some pics soon


June 24, 2004

well quinn is on hold for a few days we had to reschedule the induction the hospital was full. anyway we will get ot meet her face 2 face tuesday morning.


June 22, 2004

ok i saw the president yesterday. he was in cincinnati to raise money for his machine and i was at a clients and the road i needed to use to get home after the meeting was the same route the president was to use, so i sat for about 45 minutes waiting for him to roll by. about 20 motorcycles first then a caravan of cars, suvs, an ambulance, and a helicopter. one vehicle was filled with guys in black fatigues and big automotic weapons. the whole thing made me ponder a few things. who would want to be the president and always have to be secured, always living with a death threat just because you are the one in charge. the other how screwed up our system is that the president comes to cincy and gets 2.5 million from a group of well heeled folks who paid 25k a couple to eat with him and me having to wait for him to pass unable to get home to visit with some good friends. it inspired me to vote for W just kidding, what it did do was clarify the inbalance in our republic, those that got get more and those that dont wait for them to pass. it makes no difference if you be republican or democratic or independent if you got money you get heard if you dont you wait. i have been thinking about running for city council in the next election and just be me honest, stupid, real, my motto will be i have 13 kids and can sure as hell run this city. we will see


June 21, 2004

friday is the day. sydney's doctor has agreed to induce her labor friday morning, wow i guess this is real. she goes to the doc thursday afternoon and if all is ok we go in friday am, to meet quinn face 2 face.


June 10, 2004

was reading habakkuk tuesday for our new home church and was struck with a feeling that it was describing the USA in chapter 2 would enjoy to hear what y'all think


June 08, 2004

the cincinnati enquirer wrote an article about us and our friends who are moving across the street.


June 04, 2004

"Over 3.8 million disconnected youth face a greater likelihood of bad outcomes, now and in the future, which hold severe implications for our society," said Douglas W. Nelson, president of the foundation, a private research and grant-making concern that focuses on children.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation study, offering an annual measure of how children are faring, showed that nearly one in six young adults — 3.8 million Americans from 18 to 24 — was not in school or the workplace in 2002

does anyone hear their cry?


June 02, 2004

i sat in church sunday and watched the flag wave and heard a story about an ex nfl player (pat tillman) who died in afghanistan in april i think as a result of friendly fire. then during the offering a police officer in uniform and with side arm took the collection. something just seemed obscene about the whole thing.

where did we ever get the idea that the USA is favored by God?

where did we get the image of democracy as God's chosen form of government?

christianity as practiced in this country has become so immersed in the jingoistic view of ourselves that we have lost any idea that we are serving God first. the USA is not God's chosen nation yet we do seemed to be rich and powerful. how do we break the connection so many seem to have with the USA and God? how do we break ourselves of the habit that we are better than other countries? where in the Bible does it state that democracy or a republic are ordained by God as the right form of governance? i cant find it. i am sick of all the rhetoric that God justifies war because of the stories in the old testament. if God is the cause of our "victory" is iraq then i need a new God. if God is sanctioning the actions of the USA all over the world then i want out. we need to realize that being a follower of a unique triune God is much more than buying into the political rhetoric that we are "chosen" and that we need to begin to live lives that are sacrificial and impowered by a God who loves all people even our enemies, so today i will pray for my enemies and wish them the same joy i have come to know following a God who demands everything i am and have.