January 22, 2005

well i dont have to travel to ethiopia as of today, things seem pretty fluid at the point we sent our dossier off to washington dc to get authenticated and then to the ethiopian embassy and then off the ethiopia, still short on funds still covet your prayers, still waiting.


January 07, 2005

so we are adopting again. two more kids from ethiopia, anna 3 and simeon 10 are biological siblings and will be coming into our family this spring. i will be traveling to ethiopia in feb or march to bring them back. we covet your prayers and also we dont have all the funds we need right now to cover travel and other expenses so if you feel lead let us know. the day we decided to go ahead with the adoption i got a check in the mail from jj thanks jj. it just confirmed it for us. it is so cool that God constantly confirms that we are on the right road with this.

click here for a pic of simeon

click here for a pic of anna