November 11, 2004

with yasser arafat's death there is now a power struggle in the palestinian authority. pray for a peaceful transition and that israel will do nothing to create more problems. some will say arafat was the world's best known terrorist others a hero of freedom. my daughter ask me today what all this means and we had a little history lesson. what struck me when i was explaining the history of modern israel was that the palestinians really did get shut out and much of their struggle is one of freedom, the same freedom the world was trying to give israel, i told my daughter its not as easy as some will say but that the struggle to create nations will always have someone on the outside looking in.


November 01, 2004

so is this the model of democracy the world wants to imitate, what has happened to us, bitter angry self serving maniacs is that the higher ground we claim to have here in paradise?

just vote it doesn't matter who or what just vote no matter what anyone tries to do to stop you