November 24, 2003

ok its been about a month since i have had time to get on and update anything. The last month has been crazy, work, kids, life. then today sydney bought a pregnancy test while at the store and guess what its positive. she went to the ob and he did an ultrasound she is about 8 weeks pregnant. this is so cool, unexpected, you see i had a vasectomy about 12 years ago and now after four biological and 8 adopted God plays this little trick on us. we already decided that if the child is a boy we will name him isaac, cause we have been laughing all day. our journey has been amazing and this just seems to fit with it all.

some strange reactions from some family members, two of whom suggested an abortion. sydney is in great shape and her doctor said she should have no problems. please pray for this and our new child growing inside my beautiful wife. our kids are so excited its cool, our 15 year old is joking he is moving out, my 12 year old just keeps smiling. i am so joy-filled about this whole thing. not looking forward to the baby stage never really liked it but this had to be from God. we are just where we should and this is a wonderful surprise.