October 22, 2003

to blog or not to blog. had an intersting conversation this past weekend at the gathering at vineyard central. someone posed the question if blogging was inhernetly narcissistic. we didnt come up with an answer, but it has made me think about why i blog.

also, been talking with iggie about cranking up seven again and making its focus social justice, something we need to be talking about more, so keep checking out seven to see if we actually do it, we need articles also so if you have a passion to speak out in word about justice send it on.


October 04, 2003

Robert Allan Lahti, my father in-law died Thursday night after a battle with liver cancer, we are off early tomorrow for his funeral (he lived in Baltimore) and to hang out with my wife's brother, sister and their families and Bob's wife Adrienne. It seems strange that death brings people together no matter what else is going on in our lives. I have also been pondering how life continues on relentlessly. It makes me think how important the relationships we have with friends really are. It is the time and energy we invest in each other that is the real gift. I have the honor of speaking at the funeral and keep thinking how Bob helped so many people with his research, he was a biochemist trying to cure schizophrenia ( i had to look that one up to get it right). Bob was known around the world for his research. i have also been thinking about the families of his children and the things he has done to impact us. family relationships are such a roller coaster, but now is a time to celebrate the things that encourage and sustain. God Bless you Bob, i pray you are resting with Jesus now.